Monday, October 4, 2010

Small Request

I am enjoying a wonderful day babysitting my friend Kelly's little guy today with my kids.  It is a win, win, win, in many ways.  My kids get to sit on furniture other than a bed.  My kids get to spend some quality time with their little buddy.  And I get to do laundry not at a laundromat.  This is huge! 

We sold our washer and dryer at our auction and last week I went to a laundromat in downtown Rolla that was absolutely disgusting and mostly not functional.  I pulled one load out of the 5 washing machines I was using and just threw out half the clothes.  They were worse than they were when they were put in.  Seems wasteful, but you would not believe how much stuff I have been able to throw away.  Don't worry--plenty has been donated and/or repurposed...but a girl can only do so much.  I was in a kind of hurry to get to playgroup and didn't see the point of hanging out at this place longer than absolutely neccessary. 

So....threw some clothes out and put the rest in some dryers.   About half of the dryers had "out of order" signs on them.  Well, I was lucky enough to pick one of the not "out of order" dryers that had yet to be labeled.  I know---I should have played lotto this day.  I paid about 3 dollars on each dryer and kept looking at the clock tick away wondering just how many times the dryer needs to be fed to get this stuff dry.  When most of it was dry I started pulling out clothes and folding them, only to find out that one of the dryers was not heating at all.  Good grief.  The kids were done, I was done, so I abandoned my clothes in one of the dryers that I knew was working and headed to playgroup. 

Well, today I am very grateful to be able to use a washer and dryer that work perfectly and hope that when we move to D.C. I can hopefully (fingers crossed, breath held) have a washer and dryer in my apartment.  I really don't ask for much, but this would really help my sanity!

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