Thursday, December 2, 2010

Defeated by the blogosphere

I thought I would be able to update on Chicago and bring you up to speed by now so I will include highlights of Chicago and our trip out to VA with some bullet points:

  • saw one of my best friend's pregnant belly and got to meet her newborn son
  • ate chicago pizza
  • ate at portillo's---hot dogs are to die for if you are not familiar
  • ate more pizza
  • ate some more portillo's
  • visited with my other BBF in Chitown and her kids and hubby
  • ate some more pizza
  • hung out with my parents, sisters and their families
  • celebrated with most of my family my grandmother's 95th birthday!!!!!!!!
  • ate some more portillo's
  • ran into the gal that I used to walk to school with from kindergarten through 12th grade and met her twins
  • trick or treated in downtown Elmhurst, IL with my kids
  • ate some more port...just kidding...just checking to see if you are still reading
  • in the midst of all this, had our van break down and had to give it it's first tune up eva--at 160,000 miles, not bad I say, expensive yes!
  • drove to our new place and paid about $50 in tolls, who knew that it would cost to avoid a mountainous drive
  • got to drive through a tunnel in PA mountains
  • arrived at our new place
  • bought most of our furniture off craiglist and at IKEA
All in all we have adjusted well, settled in, and Bank of America loves us.