Tuesday, February 4, 2014

130 days...

Did you know there is a site for calculating days between two dates and you don't have to hold a calendar in your hands and count?  Of course you did or you knew I was a dummy for never realizing that such a thing would come up with a simple internet search.  We have 130 days left to live in Bangladesh if we leave the Saturday after the kids are finished with school.  What the Whaaa??

I remember so vividly the arrival and how overwhelming everything was.  This was our first time living overseas and we didn't do Peace Corps or work for NGOs or the FS like so many people in our lifestyle had already done, so wow, it was eye opening.

We could actually not be living here and be somewhere else had we not extended, but it we did it all for the kids.  We want to get them on the moving cycle where they arrive at the same time most kids are starting the school year at post.  So Andy somehow made that work out and we are now in the countdown phase.

It hit me today at a work meeting this week when it was brought up that I would be leaving in June and one of my coworkers asked if it was THIS June.  Ugh, it is so hard for everyone and to have people you work with day in and day out know you are leaving, it is like the worst break up ever, times a million.

I have finally gotten pretty comfortable with Dhaka and my own rhythm and the rhythm of our household. Knowing we are leaving and going to a new continent all together is pretty intimidating.  I am now realizing all the things I take for granted here when considering moving.

What I am going to miss:

My job and the wonderful people I work with.
The community of expats that is closer than any we will probably ever find and that is why people keep coming back.
I am bigger than most of the people here, so it adds an extra feeling of security.
I have wonderful help that don't steal from me.
The people here are very nice.
I am treated like a "madam" for the first time ever, and while it took a long time to get used to, I do appreciate it if I am being honest.
Travel in Asia:  Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Turkey, Thailand, Laos (in April)
Random, funny stuff that I would never, ever see anywhere else (a dog sitting on a trash rickshaw seat, paws on the handlebars in the middle of the most insane traffic on my way to work).
Affordability and very cheap goods--we are at the source.

Things I am looking forward to leaving behind:

Not having to feel ashamed for having a female body.
Open sewers.
Men peeing in the gutters..
Getting sick all the freaking time and my kids getting sick a lot.
The beggars and the system that perpetuates this and takes total advantage of their situation and malformations.
Getting stressed out about going shopping.  No parking, people stalking me in the store bugging the crap out of me.
Not being able to drive myself more.
Hartals (this one belongs in the other category a bit because I don't mind working from home, but it is horrible for the country and the people I know work so hard to just get by and make a living and make their country a better country).

I cannot think of any others, but I am for certain that I need to enjoy every last little tidbit in the next few months because time is going to just fly by.

Live in the moment, remember the past, and look forward to the rest.