Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updating--plus---we have our assignment!

I have been so uninspired to write a blog mainly because I feel like our life is kind of going along as normally as it could. I am also writing curriculum and it gets to be a drag so that I don't even want to write for enjoyment.   I will however update you all with what has been going on since the last post.

We had a very nice holiday here as a family and enjoyed not having to drive 6 hours to grandparent's houses for them.  We also missed them and the rest of our family members enormously, although it didn't really hit me (I mean really hit me and make me sad)  until after New Years for some reason.  Because we didn't have to drive anywhere, the kids were able to do the entire Christmas thing with the cookies and milk for Santa and we got to see them open their presents in their own home in pj's.  It was really sweet and will probably be a tradition for years to come while we are hours away by plane from our families.

Andy graduated from his training and they had their flag day.  Usually flag day is when they give you the flag of the country you are going to, but they had so many without confirmed appointments, that nearly everyone got an American flag!  Then the holidays hit, which meant noone was working or working at the same time others were working in order to make a decision of where to send everyone.  On Friday a couple of weeks ago, Andy surprised me with a bottle of wine and the kids with some root beer.  He found out where we are going through word of mouth--hardly the ceremonial revelation I was expecting. 

And we are going to........


We are very excited and understand that it is a tough post, but the International Schools there are excellent and our R & R that will happen twice a year will be in Sydney, Australia!  Our wonderful friends are also going there, as well, so it just keeps getting better and better!  I have a feeling we will also be making small trips to some of the weekend getaways that seem very affordable and look amazing! 

I will update with more as soon as I know more!

Wish us luck~